This is loaf changing.

Your loaves have a cozy new home in this very-versatile bag. It comes to the kitchen straight from Italy, and it’s fashioned from washable paper that’s coated in wax for extra durability—yep, you read that right. Plus, there’s a terra-cotta heat plate that’ll keep the good stuff warm and toasty. (Fun fact: Scalda pane is Italian for “warm bread”.) Just stick the stone in a 250- to 350-degree oven for 10 minutes, pop it in the bag with your challah or ciabatta, then take it all to the table for those fresh-outta-the-oven vibes. Oh, and tip: You can roll those top edges up or down however you please.

Pick from a spread of gorgeous colors, along with two handy sizes (we like the medium for our dinner rolls and demi-baguettes, and the large for our boules and brioches). Now, is it just us, or is it time to bake up a warm and crusty sourdough?