All set to garden.

Got a green thumb, or know a special someone who does? Well, we think you and this lil’ set will get along just dandy. Let’s start with the tote. It’s built from sturdy fabric that won’t mind getting a little mucky—the navy-blue interior is even stain-resistant—and it has nooks aplenty for all your essentials (gloves, pruning shears, potting soil, you name it).

Take a peek inside the three front pockets, and you’ll find a trio of tools that can’t wait to get gardening—a digging trowel for moving dirt here and there, a planting trowel for air-lifting small plants with their roots, plus a garden cultivator that’ll mix and aerate that soil (tackle weeds too). Another little bonus: They’ve all got wooden handles for an extra-comfy grip.

Ready to get your hands dirty? Good. We’ve got a few growing tips to get you started.